Deliver relevant and personalised content

Serving up relevant content is crucial to generating new leads and keeping your existing clients engaged.

Market segmentation allows you to be more effective with your communication by speaking to your audience's needs. 

Why you need it

Greater personalisation

Grouping your audience by their needs allows for better personalisation in your interaction with your prospects and clients. 

Increased relevance

Sending clients content and material that is relevant to their needs, increases the likelihood of them engaging with your brand. 

Optimise your marketing efforts

With better knowledge of your audience, you can prioritise resources on the groups you are best suited to serve, and know which ones to deprioritise.

Our approach to segmentation


Define the market

We begin by defining the market according to you as a client. Through discovery questions we understand which markets are to be segmented and the reasons why.


Map the market

We analyse all the different players in the market to determine the key relationships within the space. 



Decisions and needs

Using the market map, we define the different decisions that each of the groups would have to make, as well as who the decision-makers in each type of organisation is. This helps us determine what the needs are that are driving the decisions. 


Grouping by needs

We begin to organise the market by grouping similar needs together to arrive at segments that may be similarly motivated.


Assess and prioritise

We assess the attractiveness and suitability of our offering for each of the segments. It also helps to form a view of the segments that are most attractive to help the business deliver on its sales priorities. 


Develop segmentation-led strategy

You will now be in a position to prioritise the segments you want to focus on and which ones to deprioritise from your business focus. 


Change management

We share recommendations for communicating the segments with the business, including what each stakeholder needs to do with the identified segments.

Other articulate services

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