Credible and authentic positioning

Addressing sustainability is a crucial issue for the investment management industry. 

Owning an authentic sustainability position with credibility will set firms apart, as investors become ever more discerning in choosing the managers that allocate capital on their behalf. 

Why you need it

Clear message

Developing your sustainability positioning ensures that internal and external stakeholders are clear on your sustainability messages.

Credibility and authenticity

Investors respect an authentic message, acknowledging where progress has been made and where work is still needed. This gives credibility to your brand. 

Demonstrate momentum

Articulating your sustainability position allows you to demonstrate how your approach is evolving to the benefit of your investors. 

Our approach to sustainability positioning



We start with a deep-dive into your approach to sustainability and ESG integration - both for your investments and as a business. This allows us to familiarise ourselves with your current articulation, materials and positioning in the industry.



Through a series of interviews with internal stakeholders, we attempt to uncover what differentiates your approach and sustainability offering. 

At this stage, we also carry out industry and competitor research, to understand any gaps in the market. 



At this stage, we are in a position to play back the key findings from our research and interviews. This takes the form of discussions and workshops where we look to share a distillation of the key findings to see what resonates with your business.



Following feedback from the workshop, we develop a narrative for your positioning. We articulate your approach to sustainability and relevant differentiation an a way that is authentic to what you do as a brand, alongside the relevant proof points to evidence your claims.



We share recommendations for implementing the positioning internally throughout the business. Alongside this, we help you ensure that the positioning resonates in your external messaging and content.

Sustainability positioning case studies

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