What did the client need?

  • Develop a new brand identity and positioning to reflect the key values and points of differentiation
  • Ensure the new branding appeals and resonates with the next generation of clients as well as existing clients

Lucy Capon, Head of Marketing, Sarasin & Partners

Clients have responded well to the new branding, highlighting its accurate representation of what Sarasin has always stood for".


What we did

1 Identified key tenets

Uncovered the key tenets of the business - USPs, capabilities, culture and people - through interviews, workshops and research

2 Built a framework

Built a messaging framework and narrative to capture the true essence of the business – stakeholder sessions to ensure internal resonance and buy-in

3 Defined a new brand identity

Defined a new brand identity to appear to existing and next generation of investors, reinforcing brand values and relevance 

4 Rolled out the new brand

Rolled out the new brand into all facets of the  business, including website re-development, content creation including videos, webinars and social media, educational content, digitised marketing collateral and fund materials 

5 Brand guidelines

Detailed brand guidelines to ensure consistency and continuity of brand post-handover to the inhouse team

“White Marble captured the true essence of our business, expressed in a modern and engaging way. They powerfully brought together our culture, capabilities and conviction to deliver an authentic view of Sarasin & Partners."

Lucy Capon, Head of Marketing, Sarasin & Partners


The outcome

  • A fresh, modern, relevant and fully integrated brand reinforcing USPs and focus on ESG and Stewardship
  • Clear and jargon free tone of voice driving greater engagement across client segments
  • Enhanced client experience via the new website: engaging content delivered dynamically through use of digital
  • The new brand identity was rolled out across every client touch point, ensuring a fully integrated client experience 


New website

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