What did the client need?

  • A comprehensive, impactful articulation of the client's sustainability proposition that is authentic to their brand
  • A clear and differentiated sustainability narrative that resonates across asset classes and client channels
  • An engaging creative concept, tagline and ad copy for a global campaign to promote their sustainability capabilities


What we did

1 Carried out extensive market research

Carried out extensive market research and benchmarking on the trends, themes, challenges, and opportunities in the space, as well as a review of key competitors and their ESG/sustainability brand positioning

2 Conducted interviews

Conducted interviews and workshops with more than 20 key stakeholders from across the business to draw out key themes and messages

3 Drafted a sustainability narrative

Drafted and refined a sustainability narrative and engaging tagline, along with supporting proof points

4 Developed and refined creative routes

Developed and refined creative routes to implement the narrative in an integrated campaign across print and digital formats


The outcome

  • Delivery of an authentic and encompassing sustainability narrative and tagline
  • Insight into how the client views view themselves, compared to how they are positioned relative to their peers
  • A creative concept developed from the narrative that formed the basis of a global campaign


Stakeholder interviews



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