What did the client need?

  • A repeatable way to identify and target the best sales prospects from a vast US countrywide database
  • An efficient way to increase engagement remotely, with advisers who do limited business with them
  • Effective content marketing material to use in automated marketing campaigns


What we did

1 Reviewed the contacts

Reviewed the contacts in the database that the client wanted to increase engagement with, to determine their potential needs

2 Examined the products

Examined the products the client identified as their sales priority, to determine suitability and adviser fit

3 Reviewed existing content

Reviewed existing content to determine whether the volume and type was fit for purpose


The outcome

  • Developed a segmentation model that aligned to relevant product opportunities
  • Delivered lead scoring methodology to help the sales team determine when a prospect is ready for a conversation
  • Built a messaging matrix to highlight the key marketing messages for each segment 
  • Created campaign journey maps for two segments 
  • Drafted campaign content for one segment 
  • Shared content best practice principles to ensure continued content efficiency
  • Web and social content


Content journey maps



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