What did the client need?

  • Develop product positioning and messaging for UK markets
  • Articulate macro stories and product benefits for advisers (not previously available in existing institutional marketing materials)
  • Draft and produce a suite of fund sales materials for adviser and discretionary channels

Matt Jenkins, Head of Advisory and Strategic Partners, T Rowe Price

"The fund messaging developed by White Marble has made a significant difference in our conversations with clients."


What we did

1 Conducted inverviews

Conducted investment team interviews, fund and competitor research to understand the approach and purpose of each fund

2 Developed macro stories

Developed macro stories and articulated how to make the case for each fund to advisers and their clients

3 Created a framework

Created a design framework for adviser communications

4 Delivered

Built impactful, client-centric adviser presentations, fund brochures and sales aids

"We’ve had much better success with our presentations on stage and one-to-one, and can now back them up with fund literature and content to keep the conversations going.”

Matt Jenkins, Head of Advisory and Strategic Partners, T Rowe Price


The outcome

  • Engaging messaging and materials to introduce and promote T. Rowe Price funds to advisers
  • Project ran in parallel with development of corporate messaging and production of ongoing investment commentary
  • Strong fund messaging and library of fund sales materials, driving a strong improvement in adviser engagement
  • Significant improvement in client engagement at industry events


Fund sales aids


Fund PPT decks


Fund brochures

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