What did the client need?

  • Value-added continuing education (CE) content to improve advisor engagement and accelerate sales growth in a remote environment
  • An approach to CE that minimises impact on an already stretched marketing team
  • A way to highlight differentiated and well-performing capabilities without discussing individual product performance


What we did

1 Provided a renewed strategy

Provided a renewed strategy with granular design and navigation elements, highlighting new CE tools and content, while improving the user experience for the website’s thought leadership areas

2 Facilitated a partnership

Facilitated and implemented a specialist third-party partnership, enabling improved administering and tracking of CE credits

3 Assessed content

Assessed high-yield thought leadership content and recommended which pieces and themes would be effective in a CE context


The outcome

  • An easy to implement process for ongoing adaptation of the website with minimal impact on internal teams and resources
  • A clear strategy, plan and work flow for thought leadership content
  • Integrated CE into website designs while improving user experience
  • How-to guide for future CE content development


Pieces of content

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