What did the client need?

  • A clear, consistent and differentiated fixed income proposition post-merger
  • Coherent guidance on new positioning to be used by internal teams to ensure consistency of message

David Master, Chief Marketing Officer, Janus Henderson Investors

“This is the best narrative that I have seen that captures the true essenceof JHI.”


What we did

1 Interviews

 Extensive interviews to discover key tenets of the fixed income capabilities, followed by workshops to test the messaging

2 Developed an authentic articulation

Developed an authentic articulation of fixed income capabilities to lead brand awareness of company post-merge

3 Crafted a messaging framework

Crafted a messaging framework at corporate level to ensure aligned fixed income positioning

4 Delivered

Integrated marketing campaigns targeted at both the wholesale and institutional channels including advertising, website/campaign pages, enhanced content and internal communications

“The team developed a strong narrative and theme (mindful to make sure this aligned with the wider fixed income positioning work) plus an accompanying pan-European communications strategy ensuring optimum use of budget and cut through.”

Clare Louvet, Wholesale Marketing Manager, Janus Henderson Investors


The outcome

  • Clarity of positioning internally, strong messaging and differentiation externally
  • Messaging framework allowing for flexibility to adapt to marketing medium – detailed copy for brochures, shorter formats for advertising
  • New positioning now in use globally
  • Increased internal awareness of brand values in post-merger world

"The White Marble team focused on creating a strong articulation of our fixed income capabilities alongside an overarching brand narrative which effectively captured JHI’s core brand values and key tenets of our fixed income offering post-merger.”

Rebekka Lambert, Head of Institutional Marketing, Janus Henderson Investors

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