What did the client need?

  • A clearer definition of their different websites' purposes
  • Understand how their website purpose should feed into website management
  • Transparency about how their websites should be used and for which purpose
  • Improved user journeys through content, navigation and UX development
  • To establish a shared global approach to website purpose


What we did

1 Conducted interviews with key stakeholders

Created a strong knowledge base to work from by conducting interviews with key global stakeholders, website specialists and regional channel leaders

2 Shaped a purpose

Shaped a purpose by combining interview input, analytics data, industry best practice, as well as our knowledge and experience

3 Proposed a purpose

Proposed a purpose and the enabling initiatives that we prioritised


The outcome

We built models across the following:

  • A ‘purpose model’ for the global websites by type, funnel stage and journey
  • A global information architecture model for global, regional and country sites
  • A central and local approach to publishing
  • A UX-first approach
  • A measurement model to ensure shared objectives
  • A team model across centres of excellence and channels


Minutes of interviews held across five regions


Initiatives identified and prioritised within five themes


Presentation decks

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