Forging a new website and brand identity

Key Deliverables

  • Brand identity
  • Website design
  • Messaging strategy
  • Improved UX


Troy's aim was to create consistency in their brand messaging and update their previous look to align with new audiences, ultimately enhancing the digital experience. Our team conducted research to define the brand's identity, values and key messaging accurately.

Brand development

We improved the client's messaging and communication strategy to ensure it accurately articulated its offerings and positioning to its target audience, while also modernising the client's visual treatment to align with the new brand guidelines and ensure platform consistency. As a result, we delivered a refreshed, modern brand that accurately represented the client's values, mission and vision.

Project expansion

We also collaborated with Troy to produce and update their climate report, CSR report and Stewardship Code report to reflect their new brand style. This helped ensure consistency in brand messaging and communication. We also worked on updating the IA, UX and design of their three investment trust websites.


Refreshed visuals allowed for visualising the Troy horse and the internal guidebook covered how Troy's brand is to be represented visually across all media. We designed various collateral templates fitting to the new brand style and redesigned and developed the website which focused on enhancements to the design, information architecture and user experience.

Case studies

Beacon – GAM Investments

Strategy & Research


JP Morgan Emerging Markets Investment Trust

Strategy & Research


Seilern Funds

Corporate positioning


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