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We host a range of events, all aimed at helping you build your knowledge and peer network in an informal setting. These include a monthly Expert Speaker Series where guests from the investment industry and beyond share their thoughts & insights. They cover the latest thinking on marketing strategy and techniques, as well as specialist areas of interest. There are also regular informal networking opportunities that allow you to meet with like-minded people at similar career stages, to share experiences and common challenges.

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On-demand webinars

Cultivating your content ecosystem

Much like an ecosystem, your approach to content marketing can easily be thrown off balance. In this session, Esther Armstrong, Marketing and Communications Consultant at White Marble, covers the most common problems identified in asset managers’ content strategies and suggests how to tackle them, regardless of AUM/resources.

Launching a lead generation pilot

If it's your first time launching a campaign with an explicit lead generation objective, there are a lot of things to consider. Join our event to learn where you should focus your efforts across experience mapping, technology, data and business processes.

Business purpose and sustainability leadership: How sustainability leadership can help you achieve your business goals

In this session Benjie Elston, Head of Sustainability at White Marble, and Rebecca Vogel, Senior Marketing Executive at White Marble explore how businesses can define their purpose and the role of sustainability leadership to meet those goals.

How to maximise your LinkedIn opportunity in 2022

Graham Aikin, leading LinkedIn expert who advises wealth managers, banks and asset managers on the use of LinkedIn, shares some insights with us on how we can leverage LinkedIn in the new year. 

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