Measuring and harnessing your firm’s culture to create cut through and competitive advantage

Capturing the 'intangible'

A vital first step in harnessing your firm’s true culture in internal and external expression is to measure it. Pinpoint the attributes and values lived by those who know the organisation best – the employees.    

Producing emotive brand work

For asset managers at pains to set themselves apart, culture audits can prove you are the ultimate collaborators, innovators or facilitators in investing – providing you with the authentic raw material to build a power brand, and enabling you to connect with clients and employees on a deeper level. 

Enabling emotive brand work

Many businesses fall down in their communications with clients and employees because what they say does not match what they do. Using an evidence-based culture audit as a core component of your corporate positioning ensures it rings true.

Driving progress in DE&I

By tapping into the lived experience of employees in different locations, from various backgrounds and with the ability to cut data across multiple demographics, you can truly test your DEI profile, generate metrics to evidence it, and discover where it can be improved. 

Proven Process

Creating a brand is more than just pretty pictures; we work with you to truly uncover and surface what makes your brand you.








Quantitative and qualitative inputs form the backbone of a culture audit, allowing us to:

  • Identify the current culture of your business
  • Unveil areas of aspiration within your leadership and wider teams
  • Provide a comprehensive report of findings


Using the culture audit results as a springboard, we can:

  • Diagnose areas for improvement in your organisation
  • Recommend ownable messaging and brand territories derived from your core attributes and values
  • Craft a value proposition or corporate positioning that is authentic from the inside out


The codification of your authentic attributes and values provides a framework for

  • Compelling and emotive brand positoning
  • Purpose driven content strategy aligned with your distinct corporate positioning
  • A code of conduct for employees to live by and for clients to expect and experience