In the next Expert Speaker Series session, Benjie Elston, Head of Sustainability at White Marble Consulting, will be joined by Sawan Kumar, Head of Stewardship and Charlie Freitag, Stewardship Analyst at Evenlode. They will discuss how sustainability can extend beyond investment activities.

We will talk about how their commitment to do the best in the interest of their clients doesn't stop at their stewardship activities within the investment process, but extends to their corporate actions as well.

We will hear about how employees and leadership teams work together through the Evenlode Foundation, and other innovative profit and non-profit initiatives, to go beyond their investment promise to clients in order to make a positive, long-lasting change in the world.

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22nd October, 8:30am BST

1 hour


Free event

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Sawan Kumar

Sawan Kumar joined Evenlode in 2017 and is the Head of Stewardship. He is responsible for providing ongoing analysis of companies from an ESG perspective and managing Evenlode’s voting and engagement activity. He also oversees Evenlode’s philanthropic endeavours, managing the…

Charlie Freitag

Charlie Freitag joined Evenlode in 2020 as a Stewardship Analyst. Prior to joining Evenlode, she worked as a Sustainability Consultant for Mike Berners-Lee’s Small World Consulting. Charlie graduated from the University of Glasgow with a BSc in Psychology, and has…

Benjie Elston

Benjie brings business development and commercial skills from over 12 years in the asset management industry, as well as learnings from a self-funded MBA at Strathclyde Business School, the CFA Certificate in ESG Investing and the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability…