Launching a lead generation pilot is an exciting opportunity to draw a direct link between marketing efforts and new business.

If it's your first time launching a campaign with an explicit lead generation objective, there are a lot of things to consider.

Join our event to learn where you should focus your efforts across experience mapping, technology, data and business processes.

During this interactive session Tabra, Andrew and Ross will be sharing key considerations and best practice when setting up a lead generation pilot, including:

  • End to end journey mapping
  • Campaign targeting and data capture
  • The role of lead scoring and lead grading in lead generation
  • Technology requirements
  • Business processes to support lead generation (including handoffs between marketing and sales)
  • Stakeholder engagement

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26th May, 14:00 GMT

1 hour

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Meet your speakers

Andrew Scott, Managing Director

Andrew has been at the forefront of the wider White Marble offering with new and existing clients across the measurement proposition; Beacon, developing the product, infrastructure and marketing to support an integrated strategy.

Tabra Trezise, Head of Digital

Tabra leads White Marble’s digital practice. Tabra drives the product development and client experience of Beacon – White Marble’s digital benchmarking service.

Ross Treleaven

Ross specialises in Marketing Strategy and effective Implementation. He is experienced in project ownership and management, helping clients to deliver across various projects from Digital Marketing practices such as launching websites and establishing a social media approach to helping clients…