Behind every Olympic and Paralympic medal is a person who’s wellbeing and lifestyle needs must be met for them to perform under the scrutiny and spotlight of the elite sport.

In this session we will be taken behind the scenes of an elite athlete’s lifestyle and explore the impact of mental health and wellbeing on performance.

We will explore the impact of change, transition and uncertainty on mental health and wellbeing, why it’s okay to not be okay and how Coaching and Mentoring and an individualised approach can have a positive impact on performance and wellbeing.

From this overview we hope that you might be able to take this insight to support your own wellbeing needs and those within your care.

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9th September


08:30 - 09:30 (BST)


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Dawn Sanders

Dawn has been coaching, mentoring, and developing the lifestyle and wellbeing needs of Great Britain’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes for the last twenty years to ensure that the holistic needs of the person behind the performer are being met to…