In this event, we'll dive into the benefits of headless CMS and how it can provide flexibility, speed, and efficiency gains for your business. You'll learn how to customise and iterate your website with ease, experiment and develop quickly, and create a single source of truth for reusable, trustworthy content.

If you're looking to invest in CMS, don't miss out on this opportunity to learn about headless architecture and how it can transform your website development process. White Marble's Andrew Scott will be talking alongside WP Engine's Jason Konen. Sign up now to secure your spot and join us for this informative and engaging live event.

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Investing in CMS? Learn about headless first

Are you looking to revolutionize your website development process and take your content management to the next level? Look no further than our upcoming live event on headless CMS!

SFDR & Marketing – What separates the leaders from the pack?

It's been a challenging year for many asset managers in terms of navigating the ever-evolving SFDR regulations. In Q3 we saw a swathe of Article 9 funds being downgraded and, with the January update soon coming into effect, many investment marketers are unsure of their next steps.

Cultivating your content ecosystem

Much like an ecosystem, your approach to content marketing can easily be thrown off balance. In this session, Esther Armstrong, Marketing and Communications Consultant at White Marble, covers the most common problems identified in asset managers’ content strategies and suggests how to tackle them, regardless of AUM/resources.