And Just Like That: How nimble marketing can propel your brand  

I am the target market for the Sex and the City reboot and was in front of my TV – in charge of the remote, with my glass of cab last Thursday at 8:30 pm.   

I, too, was shocked when I realized the Peloton ride was not going the way it should. I do know what a product placement is (thanks to friend and founder of @zakHill) and could not imagine this was a product placement.  It was not.   

The rewards of being quick on their feet 

The Peloton response was most impressive.  I happened to be sitting with an ad exec on Sunday night when she saw the response ad – just perfect.    

Recent allegations aside (that have led to the ad being pulled due to entirely different reasons) this emphasized the value of a responsive, agile marketing approach for brands and products. The buzz around And Just Like That prior to launch was great, but the pre-holiday visibility Peloton is getting without the product placement is priceless. Listening to Dara Treseder, CMO at Peloton, talk about ‘marketing at the speed of culture’ and ‘fastvertising’ (or fast advertising) this week was fascinating. It was also right in line with why Sex and the City worked to begin with – culture played a leading role. It was evident that they know their target market.   

Lessons for financial services 

How does this relate to financial services marketing, you ask?  After the last few weeks of industry meetings with my @White Marble team, the themes are similar. Agile, nimble marketing teams who have a laser focus on their target market will succeed going forward.  

This seems counter-intuitive in asset management, or any regulated industry. A structured marketing strategy is absolutely required, but it needs space for agility. Your brand strategy must include staying true to your brand: Peloton reiterated the healthy value of cardiovascular exercise in their response. A value that runs deep at the company.  

Do you know what value runs deep at your firm? Does it play out in your marketing plan/brand? 

As you prepare for success in 2022, we would love to talk about your marketing strategy – keeping it agile and authentic.  

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