Sara Griffin talks us through her experience with Ethical Angel

A while back, White Marble Marketing started a relationship with Ethical Angel – a platform that allows people to use their skills to help a variety of charities. It provides a connection for people who have resources to give and aims to match them directly to the causes and organisations that need the help.

It’s really not about volunteering yourself, committing your time, or being some sort of ‘do-gooder’, but rather all about sharing what you have – your skills, your advice or something simple or practical.

I have always had a connection with the natural world, being an enthusiastic scuba diver, so it was very easy to select a charity that felt close to my interests and that I may be able to contribute somehow to.

Money for Madagascar was a perfect charity for me, as they combine the fundraising and giving element with protection of the local rainforest, as well as supporting humanitarian projects for the local communities.

The project was to promote the ‘Lemur Bounce day’ which was due to launch on World Rainforest Day on June 22nd. I worked on designing jungle characters that children could engage with, as well as built an identity which could be used for other fauna and flora projects for the charity, from planting trees both in the UK and Madagascar. The organisers had no expectations, so anything I could provide was welcomed. I did not have to commit myself to deadlines or specific hours.

I had so much fun building the campaign and just immersing myself in the team.

I started taking evening walks in my local park in Richmond and my mind kept wandering as to how working with these charities has made me feel and about what more I could do. Every day I would spend longer in the park looking for owls and watching the deer settling in for the night, and realised the collaboration and time spent on these projects had awakened a dormant need to get back to what I love and care for in nature.

In the last 12 weeks a day hasn’t gone by where I haven’t visited the park and I am thankful of the opportunity to give such a small amount of my time to a wonderful charity that cares so much about how we live and share our world.

In this way, Ethical Angel gives a unique opportunity for learning and sharing, widening your career and meeting great people.

I certainly have enjoyed the experience.