Beacon is the digital marketing benchmarking service for investment marketers. It is part of our Measurement service, alongside Consultancy and Learning, to help marketers compare their marketing performance against a peer group of similar firms.

We’ve been adding a number of new measurements to the service recently – which have been well received – including search & site performance, as well as social and email, but one challenge has been managing the number of reports and formats.

Enter our new dashboard which brings all the reports into one place and adds a directory and support functions.

Beacon users can view all their monthly reports, access an archive of previous months data, connect with each other and easily raise support requests.

Our existing users are loving it.

It’s a brilliant start. Please thank the team

It looks like a great improvement especially it all being housed in one platform makes it much more convenient

This is just the start of a series of changes planned.

We’re talking to our Beacon users about how they use the data, what’s important to measure and how the service can help with internal reporting and communication.

Coming soon will be a new platform that builds on the dashboard foundation to deliver a single data store which will make it even easier to access data, query and filter and look for best practice performance across marketing channels.

Want to know how your digital marketing compares with your peers? Join us. Our UK & European user group is growing and our US group will be starting soon.