Where to start?

So, you're ready to launch your first lead generation campaign - but do you know where to begin?

There are quite a few moving parts to a lead generation campaign, especially if it's your first one. We've summarised everything you need to cover for a successful pilot in our email series.

Key considerations for a lead generation pilot


Journey mapping

Having a clear vision of the front end experience your users will be guided through is critical to success.

What channels will users move through, and what will trigger each next communication?


Technology and data

Can you feasibly bring that front end experience to life based on the technology and data available to you?

Understanding what's possible is key.


Business process

If this is the first time your marketing team have formally set out an intention to generate qualified leads for your sales team, you'll need to set up some new processes.

Namely, how will the leads be handed off to sales and how will marketing understand the quality of those lands and if they were successfully converted?

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