Build your marketing strategy on insight that is founded in research.

We work with individual firms, collectives and industry bodies to research capabilities, trends and audiences so strategy is built on informed conclusions.

Types of research

Peer research

Alongside our Metrologis benchmarking service we help firms assess their peers across a range of capabilities, positioning and best practice.


Bringing firms together around common challenges or industry issues. This could be regulation, technology, ESG or diversity & inclusion.


Supporting industry bodies and initiatives that build the profile, transparency and reputation of investment managers.

Our approach



Across all our research projects we start by understanding the purpose and objectives of the research. What do we need to learn and how will it be applied?


Build research

Choosing a research methodology and process for gathering input and data. We choose the right mix of quant & qual inputs, tools and audiences to create the best outcomes.


Run research

We undertake the research data gathering - this can be using our team for specialist product & industry knowledge, working with research consultancies and using the right tools.


Present research

Sometimes the interpretation and presentation of research results is as important as the gathering of inputs & data. We create visual reports and present to internal stakeholders.


Next steps

Research is almost always a catalyst to deliver change and we proactively work with stakeholders to consider the next steps and how they can be delivered.

Take a look at our recent sustainability research

Other optimise services

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Analytics & insight

Data, analytics and reporting to inform marketing decisions.

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Measure the performance for your marketing against your peers and identify your priorities.

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Marketing technology audit

Does your technology meet your user story requirements? We can help you build a marketing technology stack to deliver on your objectives.

How can we help you optimise your marketing?