Key features

All the data

Collect data across your digital marketing footprint. Website, email, social, search and site performance.

Visualise data

Access charts to compare and analyse marketing performance across your peers.

Integrate data

Data can be imported with the ability to integrate reports into internal systems via our API service.

Access to a community

With membership to Beacon, firms are welcomed into a community of 40+ marketers within the investment management industry.

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Meet the Beacon team

Andrew Scott, Managing Director

Andrew has been at the forefront of the wider White Marble offering with new and existing clients across the measurement proposition; Beacon, developing the product, infrastructure and marketing to support an integrated strategy.

Tabra Trezise, Head of Digital

Tabra leads White Marble’s digital practice. Tabra drives the product development and client experience of Beacon – White Marble’s digital benchmarking service.

Kennedy Lynn, Marketing Analyst

Kennedy leads our measurement and benchmarking service, analysing data across global markets to provide clients with unique analysis and insights. She also presents the quarterly reports for all our benchmarking clients.