Consistency is key

Very few companies, at the point of being founded, begin with a clear set of guidelines for how to express their brand visually.

Over time, many firms find that the visual expression of their brand has proliferated. This makes it hard to establish credibility and familiarity with their audience. We help firms put structure around how their brand looks and feels.

Why you need it

Ensure consistency and develop trust

The more consistent you are, the more credible you feel.

By creating a recognisable visual presence in the market you are building awareness of your brand and trust with your target audience.

Build familiarity

Consistent visuals create a sense of familiarity among your audience.

By putting structure around the way your brand looks and feels, you can ensure your brand is instantly recognisable and memorable.

Set standards and eliminate confusion

Whether you're working with your in-house design team or an agency partner, we all benefit from some clarity.

By setting some rules for how your brand should look the job of styling an email, an ad or a webpage becomes much easier.

Our approach to visual guidelines



We work with you to catalogue examples of how your brand is expressed visually across a variety of touchpoints - we end up with a library of examples of how your brand can be expressed.


Identify consistencies and anomalies

Once we have a representative sample of your brand's visual expression we then identify what the consistent threads are, that make your brand recognisable.

We also identify anomalies among the samples and consider which variants to leave behind and which to adopt for future use.


Recommendations and discussion

After reviewing samples of how your brand can be expressed, we then propose how your brand should be expressed visually.

We play back to you the common threads and anomalies we identified, and propose what to keep, what to leave behind and what to adapt to fit your brand style.


Develop brand guidelines

Once a brand style has been agreed we then visualise some examples of how that brand style looks in practice. This might include an email template, a sales aid, a report or a webpage.

We also draft brand guidelines for you and your partners to work from. These typically define your logo usage, colour palette, typography, photography styles, icon style and plenty more.


Develop a suite of examples

This is where we put the brand style into practice. We develop a series of examples for your firm and partners to reference, which might include an email template, a sales aid, a report, a webpage or a factsheet.

We can also provide marked up versions of these examples, pointing out which elements are particularly important when adhering to brand guidelines.


Roll out updated brand style

Once the brand guidelines and examples have been finalised we can support you in presenting these back to your team and wider firm.

We can share the rationale behind some of the brand decisions and best practices that went into developing the guidelines, and reinforce why adhering to a single brand style is so important.

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