What’s your role at White Marble?   

I joined White Marble in July of 2021 to guide the US business through its current expansion and help shape its future across the pond. 


What prior experience do you bring?    

I have spent my career building relationships in the asset management world. My experience is broad, encompassing work on CEFs at Nuveen and helping introduce the world to the second ETF fund family, as well as guiding firms through refining their distribution and marketing strategies with FRC and Kasina. More recently, I spent the previous nine years growing Asset TV in the US.  


What’s your favorite hobby or pastime?   

I am not sure you could call it a hobby, but nothing has brought me more joy than raising my two boys. While I love watching them on a court or a field, we now especially enjoy our time on the golf course together.  


What’s a fun fact about you?    

Here are two: I’ve completed the Boston Marathon twice, and made it to seven major league ballparks so far.  


What’s a pet peeve of yours?   

Bare feet – unless on the beach. 


What can’t you live without?   

Vinyasa yoga and my husband’s cooking.