How we help clients
maximize the impact of campaign performance

Polar Capital needed a visual lead-generation campaign for an investment trust 

The client required a compelling and cost-effective campaign that would promote a series of fund manager videos to a retail audience, on behalf of one of their investment trusts.

We forged an authentic campaign concept, then targeted an audience and tracked performance

We first worked to build a campaign concept that fluently articulated the investment trust's positioning, while reflecting the defining tenets of the brand.

Once the concept had been settled upon, we made use of programmatic targeting solutions to aim our messaging at an engaged audience, maximizing the reach and resonance of the campaign. We then monitored the campaign's effectiveness by tracking website activity and video views.

In numbers


Increase in organic search (compared to the previous period)


Increase in page views YOY


People driven to the trust's website by the banner ads

“The Board of one of the investment trusts we manage was keen to run a dedicated awareness campaign for a bespoke website. At the time, we did not have the experienced in-house marketing capability needed and White Marble was able to design, develop and deliver the solution on our behalf, allowing us to deliver this project in the timescale we needed.”

Gary Corcoran, Head of Corporate Communications and Content