How we help our clients
create educational and
thought leadership

A US-based global
asset manager
needed to develop a
Continuing Education (CE)

The client required value-added CE content to improve advisor engagement and accelerate sales growth in a remote environment. The new content should highlight the strengths and points of differentiation of the client's business, without delving into the performance of specific products.

This approach to CE should also accommodate business capacity through minimizing impact on an already stretched marketing team.

We mixed high-impact thought leadership content with a site that would maximize its effectiveness

We devised a strategy that would incorporate design and navigation elements built to highlight the new CE tools and content. We also focused on user experience, enhancing the website's Thought Leadership/Education section. 

The next step was to leverage our network, implementing a specialist third-party partnership with the goal of enhancing the administration and tracking of CE credits. Once the infrastructure was in place, we assessed high-yield thought leadership content and recommended which pieces and themes would be most effective in a CE context.

The result was an adaptable, CE-harmonised website and a clear strategy for the continuing development of CE content

The ongoing adaptation of the website through a simple, replicable process was enabled, which would have only a minimal impact on internal teams and resources. In parallel, a strategy for the development of tailored, value-adding thought leadership content was developed.

CE concepts were also integrated into website designs with the goal of enhancing user experience, and the groundwork for lasting success was laid through the production of a future-facing how-to guide for the creation of further CE content.