How we help clients
create segmented sales journeys

A US-based global asset manager needed a segmentation model and content journeys to comprise part of their targeted sales strategy

The client required a repeatable way to identify and target the best sales prospects in a vast US-wide database, and an efficient means of increasing their remote engagement with advisers who only did limited business with them.

Once prospective clients had been selected, effective content marketing materials for use in automated marketing campaigns would be necessary.

We pinpointed client needs and identified the products and content that would best meet them

Our first move was to assess the database and identify what the potential needs of prospective clients might be.

We then examined the products that our client had deemed their sales priority, clarifying suitability and adviser fit. To maximize efficiency, we also reviewed existing content to determine whether its volume and type were fit for purpose.

The result was a segmentation model that aligned clients with a series of relevant product journeys

We delivered a lead-scoring methodology to help the Sales team determine when a prospect is ready for a conversation, as well as a messaging matrix that highlighted each segment of the model's key marketing messages.

Our contribution also involved crafting campaign journey maps for two of the segments, along with drafting campaign content for one of them. Following this, we shared content best practice principles to ensure continued business effectiveness in this area.

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Content journey maps


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