How we generate and nurture high quality leads for our clients

A $612bn European asset manager needed a strategy to generate and nurture leads, with the end goal of increasing investment in their ESG funds

The client required the design, execution and measurement of an ESG-themed campaign strategy that focused on engagement with British and French wholesale investors. A clear process for scoring, grading and qualifying leads had to comprise part of this strategy.

Another of the strategy's key features was that it must be easily replicable, acting as a general template that future campaigns across multiple regions could tailor to their own needs.

We conceptualised, built and tracked a marketing campaign that allowed for regional customisation

Our work began with the process of audience, market and fund discovery, so that we would be able to define an overarching strategy and map user journeys within it. We then planned and produced multilingual campaign assets that included microsites, emails and thought leadership pieces, as well as social and design-based creative content.

Clearly defined criteria for measuring the campaign's performance were established, while we also worked to ensure its smooth implementation for the client and relevant partner agencies. Crucially, the seeds of long-term success were planted through our creation of instructions detailing the customisation of the campaign across international markets.

The result was a flexible end-to-end campaign, designed to generate and nurture leads across the UK, French and US markets

This campaign was structured through a slide deck that provided stakeholders with a clear overview of the objectives and strategies involved. Given that the capacity to adapt to a range of markets was built into the campaign, its utility across a broad spectrum of marketing contexts was assured.

We also exhibited flexibility and responsiveness to client needs, working to optimise the landing page experience midway through the campaign with the goal of enhancing conversion rates.

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