Building high-performing leadership teams is essential for business success, and this is arguably even more crucial in highly unusual operating environments. This week Twink talks about what makes a good leader and how teams can improve, as she’s joined by Andy Brown, Director at etc Advisory and Farley Thomas, Founder of True Dawn.


Find out more about:  

  • The growing importance of coaching and mentoring
  • What makes a good leader
  • How the demands of leadership have changed over time
  • Ways to improve team dynamic
  • Tips for investment marketers working on their leadership skills

Andy Brown, Director of etc Advisory, provides transformative support for agency founders and leaders based on the three pillars of clarity, tools, and talent. With over 20 years’ experience in leadership roles, Andy is an accomplished adviser who thrives when working with enthusiastic and audacious people.

Farley Thomas, Founder of True Dawn, is an experienced coach and leadership adviser, working with a diverse set of clients who lead high-growth businesses. Drawing on over two decades of achievement in leadership, Farley helps organisations grow by sparking valuable conversations, developing actionable insights and identifying and shifting unconstructive work patterns.