In today’s episode Twink is joined by Stuart Alexander, Co-Founder and CEO of Gemini Investment Management as they address Fund Governance within the Investment Management industry.

Although Fund Governance has always been around, it is only in the last twelve months it has become a more prevalent issue. High profile fund failures such as Neil Woodford and Peter Young, who cast a long shadow over the investment industry, are prime examples of the growing need for increased regulation and governance.

Themes covered in this podcast:

–          The growing importance of fund governance

–          How Woodford changed the investment industry

–          The growing need for accountability across all areas of a business

–          The roles and responsibilities of the management committee to ensure correct governance

–          Marketers role within fund governance

Stuart Alexander has over 30 years’ experience in the fund management industry, previously working at other large asset managers such as Invesco and Morgan Grenfell. As an experienced professional, he has successfully launched a number of businesses in the asset management industry and has overseen the growth of many of these businesses in the UK and globally.