Understanding your target market is crucial for marketing success, yet, so many companies fail to take their clients’ needs into consideration when they plan marketing activities, and focus on their product. An effective segmentation process should always start with the customer, identifying their needs and building a product or service that satisfies these.

As segmentation becomes an increasingly important role in a marketer’s strategy, today’s podcast episode focuses on the challenges and practicalities of this often-neglected field. Twink is joined by Babatunde Awopetu, Group Strategy and Marketing Director at Optegra, and Tabra Trezise, Digital Services Manager at White Marble Marketing.



Themes covered in this podcast:

  • Defining segmentation
  • Best practice segmentation
  • Challenges for effective segmentation
  • The practicalities of segmentation
  • Tips for marketers thinking about their own approach to segmentation

Baba Awopetu is an experienced marketer with a natural gift for developing strong marketing strategies. Having completed his master’s degree in strategic marketing at the University of Greenwich, Baba went on lead marketing teams in the healthcare industry. Currently working as Group Strategy and Marketing Director at Optegra Eye Hospitals, Baba was formerly Marketing Director, EMEA, at Leica Microsystems where he was responsible for delivering vision, strategy and tactics with clarity and precision.

Tabra Trezise leads White Marble’s digital practice, helping clients define their digital strategy, launch their websites, as well as develop and establish their social media channels. As a skilled digital professional, Tabra has a broad foundation of experience across digital strategy, digital marketing and integrated campaigns. She has worked with global teams across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific with brands including Telstra, Sensis, AIA and T. Rowe Price.