Welcome to our 12 days of Christmas challenge ????

Over the next three weeks we will be posting a range of content, from industry insights to well-being top tips to help you kick-start your 2020 in the best possible way!

The challenge is to engage as much as possible, ask us questions in the comments and share the content with your peer network, the person with the highest engagement will win a prize from our AIM team ????

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Day One:

The start of the challenge ????

Day Two:

'ESG doesn't matter' by White Marble Marketing Product Director, Benjie Elston. A different look at ESG within investment management - does it really matter? Drop a comment on our LinkedIn and let us know your thoughts.

Day Three:

Glossophobia - or speech anxiety - is one of our most common fears, affecting up to three quarters of the population. 'Public speaking - how to overcome your fear' provides 4 top tips to help you improve your public speaking skills. Have you ever had issues with public speaking? Let us know how you overcame your fears, we'd love to hear from you.

Day Four:

Our next Expert Speaker Series is on the 19th of December, where we will be joined by Head of Marketing at Square Mile, Stephanie Bone and CEO of Investment Quorum, Petronella West. They will be hosting a Q&A, to answer ways in which you can create marketing that is responsive to financial advisers' needs. Let us know the questions you'd love to ask on our LinkedIn.

Day Five:

Digital Marketing has grown rapidly in the last three decades as advancements in technology have enabled a mass collection of data globally. We are joined by White Marble Marketing's Managing Director, Andrew Scott, who shares insights into digital marketing trends in 2020.

Day Six:

On the 21st of November we were joined by Monotype's Creative Type Director, Tom Foley for our Expert Speaker Series. He talked us through some essential considerations that can help improve the quality and reliability of a typeface for a brand.

Day Seven:

It's no secret that well-being in the workplace is becoming an increasingly important issue, with research finding that 81% of UK office workers now spend between 4 and 9 hours each day sitting at a desk and looking at a screen. Not only can this lead to physical injuries, but it can also have a damaging effect on mental health. Check out our 7th day challenge to find top tips to help us prevent and reverse the physical and mental challenges we sometimes face at work.

Day Eight:

How well you know digital marketing and investment management? Head over to our AIM quiz to put your knowledge to the test!

Day Nine:

Want to make the most out of LinkedIn? Look no further! Check out our LinkedIn go to guide to help you maximise your profile.

Day Ten:

We've all been faced with the dreaded question of: 'What is our Christmas marketing strategy?'. While consumer retail businesses use the end of the year as a prime sales opportunity, should client-facing firms such as investment managers also bring a more festive slant to their marketing?  To find out more, visit our seasonal marketing blog.

Day Eleven:

Everyone has experienced that overwhelming feeling of a never-ending to-do list where everything is listed as a priority. As we get stressed, our ability to rationalise can be reduced - impacting our ability to be efficient. However, there is a toolbox of skills you can use to help manage this. our 11th day challenge provides individuals with top tips regarding how to prioritise their workload.

Day Twelve

In our latest expert speaker series we were joined by the CEO of Investment Quorum, Petronella West and the Head of Marketing at Square Mile, Stephanie Bone. They hosted a Q&A session and talked us through ways in which we can create marketing that is responsive to financial advisers needs'. Lots of questions were asked and everyone seemed really engaged! To find out more about what was discussed in today's session, head over to our latest blog post: Marketing to advisers: recent trends.