Ellie McGee joined White Marble Marketing back in May 2019. Having been with the firm over a year, we asked Ellie for a virtual coffee to find out what’s new and how she’s been adapting to a new way of working since the pandemic.

How are you finding the world of remote working?

Overall it’s been a very positive experience! Back when I joined White Marble I was impressed with how forward-thinking and innovative they are, so there were already many systems in place to enable us to work remotely efficiently. This year has certainly put that theory into practice – successfully. I am the first to admit I’m not an early adopter (still like to send postcards) but it’s great we have so many options to work effectively and keep in touch 24/7…it’s definitely made life easier.  

What do you miss about working in the office?

Not surprisingly, it’s the people! I love a coffee (or two or three) and have always enjoyed a water-cooler moment, catching up with someone about work, life, sport, the next best film, book or diet. At White Marble, everyone has made an effort to keep in touch socially and check in on each other – we’ve had quizzes, virtual coffee mornings, walk-and-talks – it really does help keep your spirit of togetherness and up to speed on everything too.  

What excites you most about your job?

Since I joined last year a lot has changed. The White Marble team has grown in size and we have opened an office in the US too. This expansion into the US market – and growth in other geographical regions have been very exciting, working with new clients and on different projects. Related to this, I’ve been deeply involved in a client research project over recent months. This included exploring how we currently work with our clients and looking at how we can improve our clients’ experience of working with us, while also highlighting focus areas for the coming year. It’s been really interesting and a project that will be ongoing over the coming months.

What has been one of your key learnings from the past year?

For me, having previously been in-house at an asset manager for many years and moving to a role within a consultancy, has been a great experience. I like the fast-moving pace, working on a variety of projects with multiple clients and the different challenges they bring. Personally, I have found it valuable to try and put myself in the client’s shoes, remembering what I really hoped for in a partnership with a consultancy when I was a client, and look to deliver that every time. Finally, one of the other key learnings was that I can survive working from home and home-schooling, so anything is really possible…enough said!