Sarasin & Partners are currently focused on evolving their brand to meet the needs of the next generation of wealth as well as their current clients. We were delighted when they asked us to work with them on their integrated rebrand project. 

As well as reading about the project below, you can hear directly from Sarasin & Partners about their experience and results from working with White Marble in this video. 

As mentioned, Sarasin & Partners were aware they needed to build out their profile in order to growthat they had neglected this aspect of their business and needed this refresh and development of platforms to remain competitive.  

What was needed? 

Sarasin & Partners required a new brand identity and positioning that reflected their key values and points of differenceThey needed to show internally, as well as externally, that it wasn't simply a 'colouring in' exercise but articulating what Sarasin & Partners stands for in a way that resonates with the next generation of clients. This brand positioning needed to be evident across all client touchpoints. 

What we delivered 

To ensure we got to the essence of the Sarasin & Partners brand, we worked with all areas of their business to truly understand the approach and values that distinguish Sarasin & Partners from their competitors; what makes them different would shape the basis of the rebrand. This information was used to build a messaging framework and narrative that would resonate internally and achieve buy-in from the wider business.  

"It is often very helpful having a third party, such as White Marble, to facilitate internal discussion and offer that independent view and reassuring best practise often seen elsewhere in the industry" -  Lucy Capon, Sarasin & Partners. 

When it came to turning this into a new brand identity and visuals, Sarasin & Partners were able to trust the experience of WMMWe ensured client experiences, especially on the website, were as client-centric as possible and used data to define what was most client-centric, including client surveys, team surveys, quantitative analytics as well as qualitive - such as heatmapping. This ensured decisions weren't clouded by with subjective views.

The agreed brand identity was implemented in all facets of the business, with this project contributing to, among others: 

  • A new suite of websites 
  • A collection of content templates 

  • Three brand videos 
  • Marketing collateral and fund materials 

 What was the outcome? 

Sarasin & Partners now have fresh and contemporary brand that is consistent across all client touchpoints. They have a solid digital foundation set-up with a dynamic website and analytics tools being used using to continually optimise their clients' experiences. 

Internally they have seen stakeholder buy-inenthusiasm and excitement about the new brand and the impact it can have on their work. Their staff understand how they individually contribute to a 'brand experience' for Sarasin & Partners' clients. 

"White Marble captured the true essence of our business, expressed in a modern and engaging way. They powerfully brought together our culture, capabilities and conviction to deliver an authentic view of Sarasin & Partners. Clients have responded well to the new branding, highlighting its accurate representation of what Sarasin has always stood for. We are also seeing the brand resonate well with new audiences as we build our profile online." - Sarasin & Partners