AIM High: Techniques to deliver cut-through presentations

In today’s episode Twink explores how to make presentations impactful and deliver cut through for your audience as she is joined by the experienced Dylan Emery, Editorial Director at Last Word Media.

12 May < 1 min

Five top tips to achieve sales and marketing alignment

Jen Taylor reflects on the thoughts of Scott Stevens on what to implement to begin making this move to an aligned sales and marketing approach.

06 May 3 mins

AIM High: The importance of a learning mindset

Twink delves into the importance of a learning mindset with Farley Thomas and Barbara Rupf Bee.

29 April < 1 min

Can you maintain a company culture whilst working remotely?

For the past year, most of us have been working from home. What started out as a temporary…

16 April 2 mins

4ps to overcome ‘Imposter’ syndrome

Over the last twenty years White Marble has had the privilege of training hundreds of ambitious marketers around the world, representing…

25 March 3 mins

Never too late to learn

The other day my eight-year-old son asked me what I was doing.  To my reply of "I am…

18 March 3 mins

AIM High: Women in Leadership Roles

Ahead of International Women's day on Monday 8 March, we thought it would be a great opportunity to…

08 January < 1 min

AIM High: Engaging clients & motivating teams

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected companies all across the globe and created a peculiar workforce environment where employees…

15 December < 1 min

AIM High: Unpicking sales enablement, ABM & ROI

In essence, sales and marketing are both working towards the same goal, however, how they have traditionally done…

11 November < 1 min

It’s a wonderful life…most of the time

Elisa Magistrali reflects on her own experiences to help lift the social stigma and stereotypes around people affected…

23 October 3 mins