Inflation is front of mind for everyone as it soars past 40-year highs. In our Q2 trends report, we reflect on the ways inflation has impacted the asset management industry and shifted conversations. Issues including environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and portfolio construction have grown, as have conversations on what this means for younger generations. Using the latest research and content available, this report aims to provide you with a holistic overview of the industry and key considerations that marketers can use going into the second half of the year. 

A few of the macro trends we discuss are:   

  • ESG’s continued growth in the US: In the first half of the year, addressing ESG issues became crucial to shaping a strong company culture and positioning. In this section, we analyze how inflation has shifted the perception of ESG in the US, highlight key findings from recent ESG reports and cover updates to current regulation.  
  • Alternatives: With an increasingly difficult task of finding sources of return and income for clients, many advisors have shifted the conversation away from the traditional 60/40 portfolio. As a result, alternative investments are gaining popularity. We look at considerations for marketers looking to develop successful marketing strategies with this in mind. 
  • Investing in Millennial & Gen Z education: Our research found that younger generations have been hit hardest by inflation.  How this has influenced the interest of Millennials and Gen Z in their financial planning will be a big topic for marketers moving forward. Using recent studies around financial education for Millennials and Gen Z, we cover how you can utilize content strategies to develop trusted long-term relationships with these potential clients. 

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