Recognising the investment industry's leading content and marketing teams

A collaborative initiative between White Marble and Savvy Investor saw the creation of the Marketing Response to Coronavirus Award. It recognises the efforts of the investment marketers who have worked harder than ever against the backdrop of the pandemic to ensure their business continues to move forward.

This award encapsulates the mission of White Marble, elevating marketing to fulfil a more strategic role within the industry. 

We're shining a light on the marketers who not only had to pivot quickly whilst meeting changing client needs, but did it better than the rest. 

View the online magazine here, as we provide a deeper look at the submissions, profiles on each team, campaign scrapbooks, a Q&A with the  winner, and commentary from the panel of judges. 

Meet the marketing teams 

Overall winner and best all-rounder: MFS Investment Management
Having taken the temperature of how clients were feeling, the marketing team at MFS Investment Management diverted considerable resource to supporting the efforts of their sales and investment teams. They demonstrated unrivalled responsiveness to delivering content and events based on the needs of their clients. This required them to take new and, in some respects, novel approaches to their marketing - seeing great outcomes. A worthy winner on content, execution, and results. 

Discover more about why they won in the magazine. 

Highly commended (Team commendation): Columbia Threadneedle Investments
The steadfast team spirit was clearly evident in the submission from Columbia Threadneedle Investments, with a marked increase in collaboration across the board. Not only did this stand the team's output in good stead during 2020, but the process, key learnings, and team communications have been fully integrated into standard working practices, helping to remove silos and increase learning opportunities for team members. 

Discover more about why they were commended in the magazine. 

Highly commended (Client commendation): Janus Henderson Investors
Janus Henderson Investors was one of the first firms to respond to the pandemic, launching a COVID-19 landing page in late February 2020. They utilised their collective investment knowledge and industry network to deliver client-focused content, prioritising substance over style. Recognising the importance to investors of understanding the science behind COVID-19, they hosted a 'Science and Investment Implications' video series, showing a more personal approach to their client activities. 

Discover more about why they were commended in the magazine. 

White Marble and Savvy Investor thank all of those who submitted an entry for this award. It was really wonderful to see so many teams overcoming the challenge that the year threw at them. 

If you would like to speak to the White Marble team about developing your marketing approach please get in contact here.