We excitedly moved into our own office a year ago at 28 Queen Street after sharing an office with the team at Spring Capital.

A year on and the team has continued to grow alongside our expanding business. As the consultancy business has grown, we've also developed the Fund Marketing Network further with the addition of the Leadership programme and recently we've also entered into a joint venture to build out the marketing measurement proposition currently in the form of MS3insight.

All that means an insatiable demands for deskspace, fast wifi and yes - ideally free drinks and snacks.

Enter WeWork and their latest building; No.1 Poultry. If you're interested in post modern architecture you can read the full history of the site & building.

For us it's the perfect location; in the heart of the City, close to many of our clients, central for transport with amazing facilities and a barista on every floor (plus quite a few hipsters on every floor).

It's also conveniently underneath Coq d'Argent but that had nothing to do with the move.

So our new address is:

White Marble Marketing
No.1 Poultry

Drop by.