White Marble US Trends Report: Harnessing Your Brand Identity

Take your brand identity to new heights...

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In this special edition of our quarterly US trends report, we focus on the multi-faceted universe of branding, exploring its importance and why it is currently the subject of such focus.

Our digital experts share tips and techniques for getting it right, including which KPIs to look at when measuring brand effectiveness and how to roll your brand out across digital channels.

Current trends bringing brand into focus

We explore some of the key trends that are shining a light on the importance of branding in the current landscape. Increasing M&A activity is making firms really think about how their brands can generate competitive advantage, and the rise of purpose-driven marketing provides firms with a unique opportunity to enhance their reputation and cultivate a loyal customer base in an increasingly values-based market.

How to measure brand efficacy

We explore the art and science of measuring brands, look at industry data trends, and equip you with insights necessary to evaluate and enhance your brand’s performance in this dynamic and competitive industry.

Effective techniques for articulating your brand through digital marketing

In this section we look at the essential digital channels that firms should be using and share tips on best practice for each, foregrounding brand consistency across all channels. We also share insights into how to measure whether your marketing is effective.

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