How we craft post-merger investment

Janus Henderson Investors needed narrative positioning on their Fixed Income capability

The client required a clear, consistent and differentiated post-merger Fixed Income proposition, which also contained the capacity to promote their institutional business offering.

Coherent guidance on the new positioning would then be necessary, to enable internal teams to ensure the consistency of their messaging.

We crafted a corporate-level messaging framework for Fixed Income positioning, then built integrated marketing campaigns within it

We initially determined the key dimensions of the client's Fixed Income capabilities through thorough interviews, then organised workshops to test the resonance of this messaging. Once this was assured, we forged an authentic articulation of these capabilities to lead brand awareness of the institutional business offering, post-merger.

A messaging framework at the corporate level was then produced, from which integrated campaigns spanning the wholesale and institutional channels – along with a diverse range of content types – followed.

The result was a new clarity of internal positioning, paired with strong external messaging and differentiation

A flexible messaging framework was forged, which could be applied across different marketing mediums. For instance, detailed copy was selected as the default choice for brochures, whereas more concise advertising copy worked to strip the messaging down to its core tenets.

This new positioning was implemented across the business globally, significantly raising awareness of its institutional
capabilities, post-merger.

“This is the best narrative that I have seen that captures the true essence of JHI.”

David Master, Chief Marketing Officer