Leveraging our expertise to drive sustainability in our industry

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Reimagine the role of sustainability within your business, with expert support at every stage

We apply our rich skillset and experience to transformative sustainability challenges in both our industry and the wider world.

As investors increasingly scrutiniZe the credentials of asset managers, we partner with you to craft authentic sustainability positioning that dovetails with your brand voice and values.

We also work to build sustainability into businesses from the ground up, through upskilling marketing teams and supplying relevant education.

Effective sustainability positioning

Against a backdrop of mounting investor interest in sustainability, establishing ownership of a rich, distinctive sustainability message helps to set firms apart from their peers.

Our expertise can help you develop cohesive and credible messaging, campaigns and content to convey this differentiation and better engage your clients.  

The Responsible Investing Marketing Certificate

Our Responsible Investing Marketing Certificate is tailored to the needs of marketers in investment management, aiming to nurture an understanding of the key principles of sustainability and responsible investing.

This course details the evolving cultural and regulatory environment that marketers face, while providing you with the tools to successfully navigate it.

Weaving sustainability into every aspect of our culture and collaborating with purpose

We are working towards becoming a business that pursues purpose alongside profit. We have made conscious efforts to reduce our impact on our environment, while taking care to partner with like-minded service providers. 

As a female-founded business, we also recognize the importance of working alongside industry partners to address diversity and inequality within the financial industry. 

How we're leveraging our expertise and partnerships to tangibly make a difference 

When it comes to forging change, we believe in the value of targeted, quantifiable engagement.

This is why we have partnered with Ecologi to offset our team's carbon footprint. This partnership has resulted in the planting of more than 11,000 trees and the funding of over 30 climate-focused projects.

We also seek out ways in which our specialist expertise can be put to work in this area. Through our partnership with skills-based volunteering platform Ethical Angel we're applying our skillset to charitable projects around the world. 

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