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Ignites Europe quote Twink Field

Firms likely to 'retreat' from event sponsorship in wake of Baillie Gifford protests Our CEO, Twink Field, was…

23 August < 1 mins

White Marble US Trends Report: Harnessing Your Brand Identity

In this special edition of our quarterly US trends report, we focus on the multi-faceted universe of branding, exploring its importance and why it is currently the subject of such focus.

08 August < 1 mins

Bye bye birdie

Following the announcement that the company previously known as Twitter was rebranding to ‘X’ Taz shares a few thoughts about the rebrand and potential impact on its reputation.

02 August 3 mins

Sustainability is not enough

In this episode Kirsten Hastings, Head of Content at White Marble, is joined by Pratibha Vuppuluri, Managing Partner at Unreasonable Collective, and Benjie Elston, President – North America, Head of Sustainability, at White Marble.

01 August < 1 mins

Shaping culture and building behaviour

In this episode Kirsten Hastings, Head of Content at White Marble, is joined by David Lewis, Programme Director at the London Business School and co-creator of the QI Index, and Esther Armstrong, Associate Director at White Marble.

01 August < 1 mins

Build up CX by breaking down silos

In this first episode of Two in Twenty Kirsten Hastings, Head of Content at White Marble Consulting, is joined by Michelle Calcutt, Director of Client Experience at Aviva Investors, and Twink Field, CEO and Founder of White Marble.

31 July < 1 mins

ESG is not fit for purpose

The recent Financial Services Forum posed the following question: ‘Is ESG still fit for purpose?’ By the end of the morning, the overarching consensus seemed to be “no”.  That is not to say ESG is not fit for purpose from an investment perspective - rather from a marketing one.   The reason for this is actually quite simple - ‘ESG’ as an acronym, as a concept, is too abstract.  

05 June 3 mins

The benefits of flexible working hours and top tips

In a recent poll we asked you to choose the most impactful thing employers can do to improve…

02 June 4 mins

The AI Experiment part 1: Can one tool create a complete social campaign?

We've all been hearing a lot about the wonders of artificial intelligence (AI) recently, which got the White…

04 May 7 mins

The Investment Marketing Scoop: Measuring CX

As a concept, Customer Experience (CX) is famously woolly and resistant to tangible measurement. However, it's clear that…

18 April 2 mins

Tune in to Auditory Marketing

Have you ever caught yourself humming a popular song or catchy tune you’ve heard in a radio jingle or on the TV? All the time, if you’re anything like me.

11 April 3 mins

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