Featuring in this episode, Kirsten Hastings, White Marble’s Head of Content, is joined by Rick Alexander, CEO of The Shareholder Commons and Rebecca Vogel, Marketing Consultant at White Marble. In this episode, they discuss what is meant by market-wide systematic risks and what it takes to be considered an official systems steward. With the real possibility that the average 40/60 portfolio could be worth 30% less in 40 years’ time, Rick outlines the steps firms can take and shares some of the resources available from The Shareholder Commons.  

Themes covered in this episode:

  • What is meant by market-wide and systematic risks?
  • How can businesses look beyond stewardship in isolation? Rather than focusing on the characteristics of companies they are already invested in – how do they look beyond those issues, and start identifying and addressing systemic risks? 
  • Does a company need to be a signatory to one of the myriad voluntary reporting opportunities - for example, PRI or UK Stewardship Code - to be considered an official systems steward?   

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