In this episode, Kirsten Hastings, White Marble's Head of Content and Twink Field, CEO and founder of White Marble are joined by Mark Doyle, formerly EVP of Strategic Marketing & Product at Natixis. In this episode they dive into the world of marketing and the multi-affiliate model, talking through the challenges and opportunities – not only from a brand perspective but also a budget one – and whether it is possible to have a unified multi-affiliate culture.

Themes covered in this podcast:

  • What are the essentials when looking at brand strategy and hierarchy in a multi-affiliate structure? 
  • From a marketing perspective - when does the multi-affiliate structure really work and when is it challenging? Budgeting conversations, for example, could be quite difficult.  
  • When it comes to creating cut through, what are the opportunities and hurdles. Are there any examples of where you have seen it be successful – and what are the pitfalls to avoid?  
  • How can firms balance perceived contradictions between affiliates under the same umbrella? For example, where one has incredibly strong ESG credentials and positioning when a sister firm does not? 

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