How we craft authentic sustainability narratives and campaigns

A US Asset Manager needed a unique and engaging campaign to articulate their sustainability positioning

The client required a comprehensive, impactful articulation of their sustainability proposition that would be authentic to their brand. From this, a clear and differentiated sustainability narrative that resonated across asset classes and client channels should be built.

Building outwards from this narrative, a creative concept, tagline and ad copy for a global campaign aimed at promoting their sustainability credentials would be needed.

We outlined the trends, themes, challenges and opportunities of the space, before honing authentic positioning and messaging

Extensive market research and benchmarking were initially necessary to understand the context this positioning would be emerging into. Cross-business stakeholder interviews were conducted, aiming to draw out key themes and messaging.

From there, we drafted and refined a sustainability narrative, complete with an engaging tagline and proof points. The formulation and development of creative approaches to incorporating narrative into an integrated campaign followed.

The result was an authentic, overarching sustainability narrative and tagline

Valuable insights were gathered into the client's perception of their business, relative to their peers, and their key values and capabilities were translated into impactful, authentic positioning.

Ultimately, a creative concept stemming from this narrative would form the basis of a global campaign, reflecting the depth of its resonance for the brand.

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