How we help our clients
audit their website

Our client needed a thorough understanding of their website purpose and user experience

The client required clear and comprehensive definitions of the purposes of their different websites, and a better understanding of how these purposes should inform website management.

This understanding should then be translated into improved user journeys in terms of content, navigation and UX development, with the overall goal of establishing a shared, global approach to website purpose.

We engaged expertise both within our client's business and outside it, with the goal of shaping logical and differentiated website purposes

We established a strong knowledge base through interviews with key global stakeholders, website specialists and regional channel leaders.

These insights were melded with analytics data, industry best practise and our own knowledge and expertise. We crafted a clear plan for our client, proposing a purpose and the enabling initiatives that should be prioritised to realise it.

The result was a comprehensive reimagining of website structure and purpose

We designed a suite of models that would underpin the sites. A ‘purpose model’ that differentiated the global websites by type, funnel stage and journey was produced, along with an information architecture model that was designed for global, regional and national sites.

A new measurement model was also fashioned to ensure that objectives were shared, and this was complemented by a team model spanning channels and centres of excellence. 

These new models were unified by a UX-first approach and a reconceived publishing strategy that was built around the central and local.

In numbers


Minutes of interviews held across five regions


Presentation decks


Initiatives identified and prioritised within five themes