How we drive engagement
through strategic content

London & Capital needed sales messaging and
content for different
wealth and asset management divisions

The client required tailored messaging and content for their private wealth, US expat and institutional teams. In addition, there was also the need for sales materials, lifestyle content for social promotion and technical guides to cross-border wealth and asset management, aimed at captive insurers.

A successful end product would rely on the marriage of journalistic experience with a deep technical understanding of expat wealth management and the needs of captive insurers.

We researched and resourced the project appropriately, then worked to craft a rich and diverse content plan that encompassed client needs

Once we had built a deep understanding of London & Capital’s audiences, offerings and capabilities, we appointed an experienced writing team to the project to ensure the necessary level of journalistic rigor. 

Our team devised a comprehensive content plan consisting of lifestyle blogs, articles and technical guides, while detailing the content's tone of voice and where it would fit into user journeys. This plan was translated into an ongoing supply of article ideas and impactful, client-centric content in the form of technical guides and social-based promotional activities.

The result was a raft of messaging and promotional content that catered to a range of different teams and audiences

The content produced was bespoke, accounting for the specific needs, skillsets and levels of knowledge of its audiences. It was also designed to reinforce and complement the client's brand.

The project also established an ongoing dialogue around idea generation and delivery between the London&Capital and White Marble Marketing teams, embedding our services as part of the London&Capital marketing strategy.

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“The flexibility, reliability and expertise that White Marble offer has been a key part of our content and client engagement strategy. They are great to work with.”

Victoria Carroll, Head of Marketing