How we design tailored Continuing Professional Development (CPD) solutions for our clients

BMO Global Asset Management (GAM) needed a new CPD-based education centre for financial advisers to be designed, built and launched

The client required the creation of a CPD-based learning centre for financial advisers, aimed at enhancing BMO GAM’s sales and marketing in this channel.

This learning centre and CPD functionality would have to be integrated into the existing BMO GAM website, and the client's thought leadership content should be showcased in an engaging and user-friendly way.

We highlighted key topics and themes to build CPD content around, then crafted a website that foregrounded user experience

We opened the process by conducting rigorous research, with the goal of identifying the optimal CPD partnership and structure to meet adviser needs. From there, we worked to identify key topics around which adviser CPD content could be developed.

The more granular website development process followed as we crafted the site's structure, user journeys, designs and content plan, while retaining a strong focus on clear user journeys and engaging content.

The result was a reimagined website which operated as a user-friendly ‘one-stop shop’ for advisers' CPD requirements

The new site boasted improved lead generation and reporting capabilities alongside increased promotional opportunities, deepening its long-term usefulness to the client. 

A robust content management system was also built into the site to allow for the easy and efficient processing of CPD content in future.

In numbers


Hours of structured CPD


Educational articles and webinars

“White Marble acted as a seamless extension of the BMO marketing team. They identified and managed the right third-party suppliers, enabling our in-house team to carry on with business as usual. The end result delivers a range of CPD content for advisers in an integrated, user-friendly experience and easy tracking system.”

Fiona MacKenzie, UK Marketing Manager, BMO Global Asset Management (EMEA)