How we help our clients
craft consistent
creative frameworks for
their brands

River & Mercantile needed to develop a coherent set of
brand rules and a framework to establish creative consistency

The client required a distinctive visual identity that could harmonize a complex set of multimedia documents and marketing assets.

This visual identity would encompass visualization templates for rollout across the full suite of fund and marketing materials. Scalability and flexibility should be ensured through clear guidelines, technical grids and a rich array of examples and layouts.

We built a cohesive, clearly-defined stylistic framework, and a suite of relevant materials to standardize content

We identified a typography style hierarchy and set about developing a broader, integrated visual style. A grid system was established, along with spacing and styling rules to maintain consistency.

A gallery of images was also produced, for which we provided rationale and grading, in addition to notes on their appropriate usage.

We developed a series of informative InDesign templates to outline structure, while the client was also presented with a comprehensive set of guidance notes and instructions for layout, typography and positioning.

The result was a definitive brand style guide that could be used to embed best practice across all relevant materials

The set of detailed guidelines and resources we created included visualizations of assets to contextualize our suggestions for the client's internal creative team. Our suite of InDesign templates established clear standards that the client could refer to in the future, entrenching a clear framework for stylistic best practice. 

The creative direction and technical guidance we provided resulted in a reimagined framework of style for the client.

“These guidelines cover our new visual identity and will help to inform and guide us, ensuring that our communications consistently deliver the right message at all times.”

Scott Nicholson, Head of Group Marketing