How we help clients
articulate their

Santander Wealth
Management &
Insurance needed
to develop and
articulate their ESG

The client required a clear strategy for the shaping and articulation of their institutional ESG positioning. This new positioning should take into account the differing levels of maturity and engagement of their three distinct global businesses (Asset Management, Private Banking and Insurance), as well as their respective clients.

A global narrative should be crafted that resonated across this range of contexts.

We crafted a three-tiered messaging approach, catering to each business while maintaining the cohesion of the Santander Wealth Management brand

We engaged in market research and analysis across three industries and various geographies, as well as conducting interviews to build an in-depth understanding of the current ESG positioning within each division.

After conducting a workshop with key stakeholders to refine the positioning, we developed a three-tiered approach to our messaging to safeguard the flexibility of each business, while retaining an overarching consistency.

The result was the creation of an integrated strategy that mixed flexibility with consistency

We established the tools that allowed each business to articulate their distinct ESG positioning to their clients. 

The unique perspectives of the individual businesses were shaped so that they were consistent with the positioning of both Santander Wealth Management and the larger Santander Group.


Businesses provided with the tools to articulate their ESG positioning to their respective clients


Senior stakeholders established as ESG ambassadors for the business

“Working with a global, multi-lingual company like Santander is a challenge. Yet White Marble managed us with professionalism, patience and a sense of humour, as well as a deep understanding of our business. They are a pleasure to work with!”

Cristina Garcia Carillo, Global Head of Marketing and Public Relations